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Eco - Traveller

Hosted by National Geographic's ‘World Traveller’ Nick Saxon, Eco Traveller is an exploration of eco-tourism practices transforming sustainable travel around the globe.

From a traditional stay in North America's Montana to the lodges perched upon the Pacuare River in Costa Rica, this unique series dives head-on into the rising global trend of environmentally conscious travellers and celebrates our shared steps toward a sustainable future.

Nick Saxon wearing hoodie in the rain
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Nick Saxon wearing pack walking to hut
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Nick Saxon in the snow
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Mark and Hana in the Americas
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The Lorrimers in NT
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Caroline Bellamy in New Zealand
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World Ready

Since 1987, Kathmandu have been engineering outdoor gear for adventurers all over the world — preparing all kinds of people for their next adventure.

Preparation is more than having the right gear. It‘s a mindset. It‘s having curiosity, an open mind, and a hunger to learn.

National Geographic & Kathmandu's Top Travel Tips

mother with child by campfire and tent

Nature makes you better

Five countries heeding the call of the wild

mountain bike with mountains and lake

See The World, Save The Planet

How you can reduce your travel footprint


All the gear and the right idea

See our top gear picks during our Eco-Traveller adventures

woman hiking in forest

Travel, Consume & Dress With Purpose: Eco-Traveller & Kathmandu

Q&A with the Kathmandu Team about Eco-Travelling


About Kathmandu

We believe travel and adventure is the ultimate life experience. With product engineering and expert advice, we aim to give you the confidence to discover the world.

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national geographic unique lodges of the world

National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World is more than a selection of world-class hotels, it is a collection of rare experiences, offering guests intimate encounters with parts of the world not many get to know — and the change to slow down and truly discover them. Each lodge is deeply rooted in its community and dedicated to protecting the surrounding habitats and cultures — and harnessing their magic to safeguard them for the future.

white spanish hotel with greenery
Finca Rosa Blanca San Jose
Costa Rica
wooden balcony with infinity pool by jungle
Pacuare Lodge Limón Province
Costa Rica
wooden balcony with infinity pool by jungle
The Ranch at Rock Creek
Montana, USA

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